Camp de Mar Bars, Restaurants & Shops - June 2005 & 2012
Pam & Roger Fearn report...

In June 2005, we had our first visit to Camp de Mar, staying at the 'all inclusive' Riu Hotel. It is not difficult to fall in love with the resort and it was one of the best holidays we have ever had. We were back in 2012 and although the hotel had changed hands, we still had an excellent time.




Bar 19th Hole

Eurocop Supermarket


The 19th Hole closed after a fire. Rebuilt as the Eurocop supermarket. See Report for July 2011

Arco Iris 2000

Beach Club

Arroceria Beach Club

The Arco Iris 2000 is now the Arroceria Beach Restaurant. Open day and night.

Bar Bagari



Bar Bagari. Open night only. Food available. Relax here with chill-out music.

Bar Pepe

Meson el Quiote


Mesón El Quijote. Open day & night. Food available. Popular with the English who come to enjoy the music. Formerly Bar Pepe.

Cafeteria Camp de Mar



Cafeteria Camp de Mar. Open daytime only.

Restaurant Gran Sol 2005

Restaurant Gran Sol 2012


Restaurant Gran Sol. Open evenings only.

Island Restaurant 2005

Island Restaurant 2012

Island Restaurant 2012

The Island Restaurant: Open during day only. Seafood a speciality.

Restaurant La Siesta 2005

Restaurant La Siesta 2012


La Siesta Restaurant. Open evening only.

Petit Ambassador 2005

Petit Ambassador 2012

Accana Beach Club 2016

New Accana Beach Club, was the Petit Ambassador Restaurant. Open day and night.

Shops 2012

Shops 2012 - Left to Right: Marea Altea (Clothing), ARA (Clothing), Car Hire, Lacoste (Clothing), Jorca (Clothing)

Shops 2016

Shops 2016 - Left to Right: Nanen (Clothing), Heladro Nanen (Ice Cream), Car Hire, Lacoste (Clothing), Jorca (Clothing), Aida Donna (Clothing)

More Shops 2012

More shops 2012 - Left to Right: Aida (Clothing), Bank, Traveller Boutique (Jewellery), Kiosco (Newsagent)

More Shops 2016

More shops 2016 - Opposite side of road: Camp de Mar Boutique, Aida Donna (Swimwear).

More Shops 2016

Even more shops 2016 - Alongside Playa hotel near new Apartments: Tourist Office, Ice Cream Parlour, Minimarket, Maria Altea, Another clothes, shoes and bags store.

...and finally 2016

Hotel supermarkets 2016 - Left: Playa beachside supermarket. Right: Villa supermarket (in the old doctor's surgery)

For more pictures taken during their 2012 visit, please go to their Flikr photostream.
These photos are © Pam & Roger Fearn 2005 & 2012, and David Ward 2016

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