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Amiga User International

Founded: 1986

About Us

Amiga User International was a monthly news-stand magazine publication catering for productivity users of the Amiga computer worldwide. Amiga User International, or AUI for short, was the first dedicated Amiga magazine in Europe. The last printed edition was in May 1997.
This website is dedicated to continuing the tradition of AUI as started by its founder Antony Jacobson. It is run on a volunteer basis and if you would like to help support this service, you can donate using Paypal via the button below. You can contact us


Amiga User International became a monthly newsagent publication in January 1988 - after two years as a supplement to Commodore Computing International - thus becoming the first Amiga-dedicated magazine outside of the USA.
AUI occupied a unique position in the magazine market. First and foremost it showed that the Amiga was more than just a computer, it was a community with strong ties and a rich heritage. AUI was once described as the 'BBC' of the Amiga market, aiming to educate the reader rather than entertain. This may have made it unpopular but it created a loyal and dedicated following that few other magazines have enjoyed.
AUI also served as a springboard for many Amiga careers, including Tony Horgan - who became Editor of CU Amiga - and David Taylor, the former Editor of Amiga Shopper.
The pioneering use of floppy and compact discs on the cover set a benchmark against which other magazines were compared. The AmigaCD! series created a multimedia experience that few have been able to follow, and the unique use of the two SuperDisks showed how to fit more applications onto the cover than anyone else thought possible.
Amiga User International was a magazine that took a unique angle on the world of all things Amiga, and quite often beyond, in an effort to broaden the horizons of the readers. This website and its associated Facebook page aims to continue that tradition.
Thanks go to Gareth Knight and his Amiga History Project for contributing to this section


The world's first CD magazine cover disc for the Amiga was issued in 1994 on AUI sister publication Amiga CD!

You can download a 77Mb zip archive of the CD's contents here.
The second and third discs are available for download with instructions via Facebook or through 4Shared as multi-part Zip archives.

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